• 2016

    Software Engineering Intern at Insitu Inc.

    Insitu Inc., Hood River, Oregon

  • Passed Qualifying Exam

    Washington State University, Pullman, Washington — The roadmap to earning a Ph.D. degree continues. Gave a written and oral report on the paper “Faster Reinforcement Learning After Pretraining Deep Networks to Predict State Dynamics” [Anderson et al, 2015]. Examination Committee: Prof. Predrag Tosic (Chair), Prof. Shuiwang Ji, and Prof. Matthew E. Taylor.

  • 2015

    Published my first workshop paper

    Learning for General Competency in Video Games Workshop at AAAI, Austin, Texas — Presented the workshop paper titled, Generating Real-Time Crowd Advice to Improve Reinforcement Learning Agents, during AAAI-2015 workshop. This research focuses on determining whether non-experts through crowd-sourcing using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk can identify mistakes in a Pac-Man game. This determination was needed to ensure that we can employ crowd-sourcing in providing human advice to an reinforcement learning agent.

  • 2014

    Awarded Google and Student Veterans of America Scholarship

    Googleplex, Mountain View, California — One of the 8 awardees in the United States to receive $10,000 scholarship. My team won the Engineer’s Choice in the Google Scholars Hackathon during the 2014 Google Scholars Retreat, June 18-21.

  • Ph.D. in Computer Science

    Washington State University, Pullman, Washington — Through the guidance of Dr. Shira Broschat during my undergraduate research in Summer 2013. I am now pursuing my Ph.D. in Computer Science under the supervision of Dr. Matthew Taylor.

  • 2012

    Pursuing Computer Science

    Washington State University, Pullman, Washington — Took 3 semesters of undergraduate Computer Science courses.

  • My last months in the Navy

    1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, Camp Pendleton, California — Coming back from deployment, I now had 58 junior Sailors that I was responsible of. During our yearly inspection, 6 out of 8 sections received a score of 100% with an overall score of 98% for the Battalion. I also organized 9 medical readiness stand-downs for 712 personnel that resulted in 100% completion of deployment requirements. I was doing this even with the short period I have in preparing for my military separation.

  • 2011

    Third combat deployment

    1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, Helmand, Afghanistan — This was a winter deployment. Although it doesn’t snow in Helmand but the desert can get really cold at night time. I took the position as Work Center Supervisor with similar responsibilities as my previous position. Although the experience was different, but with my prior experience, things went smoothly. During this deployment, since I already had plans of getting out of the military after the deployment, I downloaded some video lectures available online on Java Programming. These were videos made available by Stanford University which was there course on Introduction to Computer Science. I also applied to Washington State University while deployed which was very hard considering our time difference and the paper works that needed to be done remotely. It was also during deployment that I got my letter of admission to pursue a second-degree in Computer Science.

  • 2010

    Assistant Leading Petty Officer

    1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, Camp Pendleton, California — After deployment, I did the same job but in a calmer setting. Knowing that we were to deploy again the following year, much of what was done was preparing/training new Sailors that joined us and ensuring all health assessments were completed for all deploying Marines and Sailors.

  • Second combat deployment

    1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, Helmand, Afghanistan — Just before deployment, I was tasked for a much higher position as an Assistant Leading Petty Officer. I was responsible for the accountability, training, supervision, evaluation, career development, counseling, and employment of 32 junior Sailors. Prior to deployment, out battalion achieved 98% medical readiness for 750 deployed Marines and Sailors, and 99.3% Logistic Readiness Inspection rating. During deployment, I independently managed and accounted for over $1,000,000 worth of medical supplies and equipments that provided critical mission ready support in Afghanistan for three forward operating medical facilities.

  • 2009

    Reported to my second duty station

    1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, Camp Pendleton, California — After 3 years in Hawaii, I was off to my next duty station. I served as the Sickcall Supervisor were I directed workflow, supervised and trained 54 junior Sailors during patient visits, ensuring that staff provided the highest quality of care with over 2,600 patient encounters, while maintaining four other collateral duties. I wrote the health record Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and revised two other SOPs. Through delegation, we achieved a medical readiness of 90% resulting to the highest readiness in the entire 1st Marine Division.

  • 2008

    Work Center Supervisor

    Naval Health Clinic Hawaii, MCBH Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii — After making rank as Second Class Petty Offier, I took a bigger role in the clinic. I was responsible for accountability, supervision, and employment of 7 Medical Assistants, 2 Licensed Practical Nurses and 2 junior corpsmen in support of 3 registered nurses and 7 physicians. The position required supervising, managing and addressing all issues with personnel and patients. I also managed equipment upkeep and over $50,000 supply inventory.

  • 2007

    Administrative Petty Officer

    Naval Health Clinic Hawaii, MCBH Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii — Conducted required military annual health assessments for over 1,000 military personnel that significantly increased the medical readiness of 7 tenant commands. Registered in the electronic medical system new patients and created health records. Trained and assisted the entire Branch Health Clinic staff on a newly released web-based timecard system and request system.

  • First combat deployment

    1st Battalion 3rd Marines, Weapons Company, Haditha, Iraq — Served as a platoon corpsman for 25 Marines working alongside in all missions. I also made rank during the deployment becoming a Third Class Petty Officer.

  • 2006

    My first military duty station

    Naval Health Clinic Hawaii, MCBH Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii — Reported a day before July 4th to my first duty station. I stayed in Pearl Harbor for a couple of days before I was permanently assigned to another clinic in Marine Corps Base Hawaii at the eastern side of Oahu. As a junior corpsman, my first job was working at the Immunizations Clinic.

  • Training with the United States Marines

    Field Medical Service School, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina — Trained to become a field corpsman that requires an additional training to experience and learn some of the skills of a U.S. Marine and at the same time learn medical interventions needed in the battlefield.

  • Training to become a Navy Corpsman

    Naval Hospital Corps School, Great Lakes, Illinois — Around February 2006, I reported just across Navy bootcamp to basic hospital corpsman school to train for my job as a corpsman.

  • 2005

    Enlisted as Hospital Corpsman in the United States Navy

    Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Illinois — Reported to Navy bootcamp in November 2005 for an 8-week long training.

  • Graduated B.S. in Information Technology

    Cebu Institute of Technology University, Cebu City, Philippines — Finished all coursework in May 2005 and immigrated to Sarasota, Florida, United States in June 2005.