If nothing is changing, then it is monotonous! Change can be daunting to many, but I see it as a challenge. Change is good, if it is for the better, otherwise it can be stupid! I have met so many changes in my life, it was almost a regular thing for me while I was serving in the military. But it was also something that drove me out of the military when it started to become a routine. So change is good for me.

The aim for updating my site and using WordPress is to make it easy for me to make changes to it. But more importantly, I want to turn this into a platform to account myself for the progress I’ve made so far academically. I’ll use this to share what I’ve gone through in my research, both good and bad. I will also post some tutorials or articles that has been useful to me as a new researcher. And possibly share some of what I do outside of research.

Enjoy the ride!